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2021 June

Videotaping police in flagranti

A minor at the age of 15 years, Tunis

As demonstrations erupted in the capital following an episode of police aggression, police intervened violently to disperse the protesters. Among them was a young boy of 15-years, who was grabbed by police officers in the street, forcefully undressed and kicked and beaten before being loaded into a police van. Videos of the scene caused a wave of outrage, forcing the Ministry of the Interior to react by suspending the perpetrators. A judicial investigation is ongoing and the outcome remains uncertain.
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Beaten-up for ending a relationship

Nejma*, 25 years old, Central West Tunisia

Nejma was engaged to a police officer, but the relationship turned sour and she decided to separate. That is when the nightmare began. Abusing the powers of his position as police officer, the ex-fiancé began to threaten and harass Nejma until eventually physically assaulting her with the complicit support of his colleagues.
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Tortured for refusing to bribe …

Oussama*, 34 years old, Tunis

In April 2021, Oussama was arrested in the street by police officers from his neighborhood, who had repeatedly robbed him and whom he had recently refused to pay. They beat him up in the street, then took him to the closest police station, where they continued to beat him up badly and threatened to falsely accuse him of drug trafficking. He was finally released after the arrival of the chief of the brigade, but only after promising not to file a complaint against the officers. Oussama is one of the many victims of ordinary police violence carried out by officers for punitive purposes.
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Neglected to death..

Abdesslam, 30 years old, Sfax

Abdesslam was arrested after curfew on the night of February 28, 2021. Being diabetic, his health deteriorated rapidly while in police custody. On March 2, he was remanded in Thyna prison. The next day, his condition was such that he had to be transferred to the hospital. He died on the way, because of repeated neglect. Abdesslam's case is one of 16 cases of suspicious deaths in detention documented by SANAD since 2014. Victims died in circumstances still unresolved during detention or as a result of contact with security forces.
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Ordinary violence …

Issam*, 26 years old, Tunis

One night in February 2021, while Issam was in front of his house, a security patrol stopped to check his papers. When he took out his identity card, he was surprised by punches on the head and eyes and kicks. He was sprayed with tear gas. The officers forced their way into his home and assaulted his elderly mother.
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Tortured to confess

Hafid*, 37 years old, Center-West of Tunisia

In January 2021, Hafid, an activist, was arrested at his home in the middle of the night without an arrest warrant. He was severely assaulted at the time of his arrest, and was later tortured at the police station and forced to sign statements accusing him of inciting protests, among other things. Like him, hundreds of young Tunisians were arrested in January in response to the wave of protests that hit the country. Many were beaten while arrested and held in police custody without the assistance of a lawyer, then remanded in custody and sentenced on the basis of falsified reports or for minor infractions.
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2020 December

Kidnapped and aggressed for defending the right to equality

Ahmed*, 28 years old, Tunis

On December 22, 2020, a group of plainclothes police officers kidnapped Ahmed, an activist of the association DAMJ, from a street in Tunis. The officers loaded him into their car and drove around the city. During the journey, they slapped him, punched him on the head, kicked him in the rib cage and kidneys and scratched his face. While beating him, the agents questioned him about the activities of DAMJ and the identity of other activists of the association. Then they threw him out of the car close to the military hospital.
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Police control turning into nightmare

Walid*, 26 years old, Zaghouan

In November 2020, Walid was walking down the street in the governorate of Zaghouan when he passed by a police patrol. The officers stopped him and tried to search his bag. Walid was afraid and tried to run away. The officers chased him. When they caught up with him, they beat and kicked him in front of passers-by. Walid was dragged a long distance to the police car. Near the car, the officers slapped him so hard that he fell on the ground. Then the officers took him to the police station.
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Violated and harassed for campaigning for human rights

Seif, 23 years old, Tunis

In October 2020, police arrested Seif, an activist from the civil society organization DAMJ following his participation in demonstrations against the draft law on the protection of security forces. He was arrested without any legal basis, taken into police custody and denied his right to a lawyer. At the police station, Seif was subjected to violence for nearly 3 hours by the security agents. This resulted in a broken shoulder and injuries to his eye and leg.
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Migrants arbitrarily detained in the center of Tunis

22 migrants – Center El Ouardia

In September 2020, the Ministry of the Interior released 22 migrants arbitrarily detained at the Center El Ouardia. They had spent months detained without any legal basis, in a place that was not officially a detention center. In June 2020, they appealed to the administrative court to contest their arbitrary detention. An innovative appeal that was successful even though the Ministry of the Interior was slow to release them. Despite this, since then, new migrants have been detained in El Ouardia and they too have been victims of the ill-treatment inherent to the arbitrary nature of their detention.
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Torture as punishment

Fouad, 34 years old – South-East of Tunisia

In August 2020, Fouad was assaulted in a prison where he had been held on remand for a few months already. The guards beat him and left him handcuffed at the door of the cell for the entire night. A few months earlier, he had already been tortured by several guards in the same prison after an argument with one of them. If the cases of torture in prison are less numerous than before the revolution, they have not totally disappeared and the victims' quest for justice is all the more perilous as they are still in the hands of their perpatrators.
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8220;Today I will make you remove that niqab! &

Amal, 30 years old, Great Tunis

In July 2020, Amal found the courage to take her case to the administrative court to denounce more than 10 years of police harassment due to her being registered “fichée”. Searches, street arrests, home visits, summonses to the police station and humiliating interrogations have made her life and that of her family a nightmare. Amal is one of the thousands of people "listed as S", who are subjected to arbitrary administrative control measures by the police, with dramatic psychological, social and economic consequences.
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