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Torture as punishment

Fouad, 34 years old – South-East of Tunisia

In August 2020, Fouad was assaulted in a prison where he had been held on remand for a few months already. The guards beat him and left him handcuffed at the door of the cell for the entire night. A few months earlier, he had already been tortured by several guards in the same prison after an argument with one of them. If the cases of torture in prison are less numerous than before the revolution, they have not totally disappeared and the victims' quest for justice is all the more perilous as they are still in the hands of their perpatrators.

Following a fight, Fouad was arrested in February 2020. He was remanded in prison. One day, he got into an argument with a prison guard and was placed in isolation for ten days. The consequences of which were very violent. During the isolation, a group of prison agents came to his cell and humiliated and sexually abused him as punishment for insulting their colleague. He eventually lost consciousness.

A few months later, when Fouad was suffering from abdominal pain, he asked to see a doctor but the guards refused. They took him out of the collective room and kicked and punched him all over his body and face, leaving marks that his lawyer and the prosecutor noticed several days later. The prison director tried to intimidate him. However, Fouad filed a complaint against the alleged perpetrators.