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Police control turning into nightmare

Walid*, 26 years old, Zaghouan

In November 2020, Walid was walking down the street in the governorate of Zaghouan when he passed by a police patrol. The officers stopped him and tried to search his bag. Walid was afraid and tried to run away. The officers chased him. When they caught up with him, they beat and kicked him in front of passers-by. Walid was dragged a long distance to the police car. Near the car, the officers slapped him so hard that he fell on the ground. Then the officers took him to the police station.

When his family was informed of his arrest, they went to the police station where the officers claimed not to be detaining him. Walid's relatives say they heard him screaming and calling for help.

On the 18th of November 2020, Wajdi's first court hearing was postponed due to the clerks' strike.