SANAD celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023!

To mark its 10th anniversary, SANAD pulled together a diary retracing the highlights and successes of the past ten years. As a large-format exhibition, the stories and anecdotes give testimony to the importance of SANAD’s work for its beneficiaries and for Tunisian society. Intended to travel, the exhibition shows the enormous capacity and ability of the SANAD team to adapt, to resolve and to innovate in order to provide the best possible care for its beneficiaries.

Since SANAD’s creation, our dean, Me Mokhtar Trifi, has supported us with his knowhow and plenty of humanity.

We would like to thank our partners and network members, as well as the SANAD team, for their invaluable collaboration over the last few years – our lawyers, our partners in mental health and physical health, and our partner associations.

We all are SANAD.